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Airways Mechanical is a leading HVAC company that specializes in a diverse range of services, from heat repair to furnace installation, HVAC service to heating and cooling solutions, and more. Serving the areas of Lake Grove, NY, Holtsville, NY, Stony Brook, NY, Hauppauge, NY, Centereach, NY & Holbrook, NY, we take our clients’ comfort very seriously. By offering a full suite of HVAC solutions, we aim to provide our clientele with the best in heating and cooling services, ensuring their living and working conditions are comfortable and optimal.

Airways Mechanical: Your Relied-On HVAC Company

At Airways Mechanical, we believe in advancing alongside technology. Hence, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of avant-garde HVAC systems like ductless HVAC systems, Central AC systems, heat pumps, VRF systems, high-velocity HVAC, and more! These modern HVAC solutions are designed to cater to diverse environmental needs, ensuring that properties maintain adequate temperature and humidity levels, regardless of external conditions. Our commitment to using the best and newest HVAC technologies is what sets us apart and allows us to better serve our customers in Lake Grove, Holtsville, Stony Brook, Hauppauge, Centereach, Holbrook, and beyond.

Heater Repair And HVAC Repair Services To Depend On

While we excel in installation, our proficiency extends to HVAC repair and maintenance too. We know that efficient heating and cooling systems are vital for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle, which is why our team is always ready to go the extra mile. Be it a furnace that’s not heating properly, an AC that’s not cooling, or an entire HVAC system that needs an overhaul, our skilled team can handle it all. With Airways Mechanical, you get comprehensive HVAC troubleshooting and repair services that keep your systems running smoothly.

Maintaining Superior Air Quality with Airways Mechanical

Airways Mechanical is not just about controlling temperature or humidity, but also ensuring superior air quality. Poor air quality poses threats to health and comfort. It may also exacerbate issues for people with respiratory conditions. This is where we step in with our expertise. We can assess your environment, identify potential problems, and propose solutions that get to the root of air quality issues. When you trust Airways Mechanical with your needs, you’re investing in improved health and enhanced comfort.

Our dedication is reflected in the quality of our work, and customer satisfaction remains our top priority. No matter what your requirements, whether it’s heater repair, furnace installation, or HVAC service in the NY region, you can rely on Airways Mechanical for prompt, proficient, and professional solutions. By collaborating with us, you can rest assured you’re getting top-notch HVAC service. Trust Airways Mechanical to keep your homes and workplaces comfortable, warm in winters, and cool in summers. It’s not just about our high-quality HVAC services, but about the way we care for your comfort.

Customer Reviews
What our customers are saying

He made sure to check everything, even went into the attic to double check how the water was flowing out. Took his time to explain everything to me. When he was done, problem was fixed and we could enjoy the AC without worrying about water coming out. I highly recommend them! They have amazing customer service!

Sarah F.

So honest he saved me a lot of money đź’°.I would recommend this company too anyone I’ll be using them again soon.


Airways Mechanical was amazing! You guys are extremely professional, friendly , and you really know what you are doing. Your team went above and beyond our expectations. I also appreciate the honesty, no-nonsense, and your teams devotion to making sure the job was done correctly.


We will also be using them for our heating system moving forward because they were so easy to work with. Highly recommend them.

Chris G.